Terms of Use

No Question Ask Return Policy
We provide true buyer protection so any item you receive by https://careapexhealth.com/ can return (with full packing) as it is(Without any use) to us if you feel you did not need it.
Shipping & Delivery
We use third-party services for shipping your order, In the normal time it takes maximum 72 hours ( 3 working days) to reach to your doorstep but some time order is misrouted may take some extra time.
Privacy & Security
buyer and sellers are protected in term of Privacy Policy, buyer information only share with sellers in the case to they buy any product from our sellers, buyers shipping details are shared only with the seller.
Returns & Replacements
Electronics components are not eligible for return or replacement if it is defective, because we test all items before dispatching it.
Item can only be returned without any use and proper working condition.
If the customer buys an item from https://careapexhealth.com/ he is by default agree with our terms and policies defined in the current website. 
Most of Item prices are already discounted, for some products extra discounted is offered for bulk selection, all the bulk selection discounts are subjected to advance payment. If the user prefers COD full item will be charged instead of a discount, we will inform customer before fully price charging
Order any item that is on sale on  maazelectronics.pk buyer is fully accepting terms and condition of https://careapexhealth.com/ , he/she must fulfill all requirements of a respected website.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Payment and pricing of the https://careapexhealth.com/ is fully right of the respected website, and promotion is for only given policies apply for any promotion.
Viewing Orders
View any orders or items in website cookies policy Policy apply on all user who is navigating or viewing https://careapexhealth.com/ website content.
Updating Account Information
Updating account information on the https://careapexhealth.com/, the user is accepting the all provided information is 100% correct, no intentional mistake is being made that lead or harms any user of the website maazelectronics.pk
Return time
you can return the product within 3 days after you receive it( only applicable on items that are unused no wear-and-tear no damage by any means). Please keep in mind all burned or items that used not to the procedure is not qualifying to return policy.
*shipping charges will be deducted.

Minimum Order Price

we will not ship any order below 500/- Rs.